Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Born Pretty Store Review: Rhinestones & Nail Decals

Hey everyone!  I'm back with another wonderful review from my most favorite nail art supply website, Born Pretty Store!!  They are so wonderful, as they sent me some more awesome goodies after my first review, here.  I can't tell you guys enough how much I LOVE this website, if you are looking for cheap nail art and a whole lot of variety, check them out!  They even have fast 2-3 week free shipping, gotta love that :) 

Here are the items that I received, below.  A wonderful nail art wheel filled with 400 rhinestones that include four different shapes:  triangles, rectangles, circles and paisleys.  The second item that I chose for review is a sheet of the cutest water nail decals that include images of different designs and shapes of bows, lace and also hearts! 

Rhinestones & Water Nail Decals
 The first thing that I wanted to talk to you guys about is the 400 piece 2mm/3mm Silver Flat-back Rhinestone Set that I absolutely love!  It's such a great deal on sale for only $3.40 and it includes four different shapes of rhinestones:  triangles, rectangles, circles and also paisleys.  There are 100 rhinestones of each shape, plenty for me to do soo many nail are manicures!  For the nails I did using these rhinestones, I decided to use all of the shapes and make flowers.  These were so easy to use and applied so well just using some top coat.  To ensure that your rhinestones are secure, make sure to apply two coats of top coat over your whole manicure.  They are SOO shiny, as you can see below!  I'm very impressed at how much they shine and how versatile this set is as it comes with four different shapes of rhinestones :)


I LOVE me some nail art decals!!! So I was so delighted to try out this sheet of Nail Art Water Decal Transfer Stickers that I also received for review.  The reason I love using nail art decals so much is that they are soo easy to use and you get so many different images on just one little sheet that you could use for so many manicures simply just using a small bowl of water! :) These are on sale on the Born Pretty Store website for only $2.86 and comes with a small sheet of bows, leaves, flowers, lace and hearts.  On the back of the package came with a set of directions you can use if you have never used water decals before since they are a little different from nail art stickers.  The images that came with this sheet are sooo cute and I couldn't help but to do a super girly mani using rhinestones and pearls that I also got from Born Pretty Store months ago!  As  you could see below, the decals blend in seamlessly with your nails creating a flawless look.  

Nail Art Water Decals

Nail Art Water Decals

I hope you guys liked my review, be sure to check out Born Pretty Store for these items and also hundreds of other amazing nail art supplies! 

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