Friday, April 4, 2014

My (2nd) FIRST Post!!!

Hi everyone!  My name is Melinda and I am starting my blog all over again!  In 2011 when I first starting getting into nail polish, I started my blog "MeliNails Blog" as an outlet for my passion in painting my nails and discovering new ideas for nail art.  I wish I had kept up with that blog but unfortunately I didn't. :(  I had left my blog in such poor condition with barely a post in 1-2 years that a couple of months ago I decided to delete it completely!  It was NOT an easy decision but I figured it would be best to start fresh.  

I'm at a new point in my life in which I am rethinking careers and so I'm left with some free time! What better time to dabble in the world of nail polish blogging than now, I'm so excited to write posts and post pictures and show you guys nail art!  

You may have found me on other social networks, I am quite active on Instagram, I post almost everyday on there!  I also have accounts on Twitter and Pinterest, check it out and don't forget to follow me.  Now that I'm back in the swing of things, you'll see me post more on there.  

I hope you enjoy my posts, leave comments on what you would like to see! 

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